2 SELLER TIPS – It’s Not You, It’s Them – Stand In Their Shoes

It’s Not You, It’s Them
No doubt your home is filled with warm and loving memories for you, and that’s as it should
be. But when it comes to selling your home, the buyer has to be able to see themselves
in your home. And the best way to help the buyer to envision this is to remove all your
personal photographs and other sentimental items from view. Try to let go of your emotional
attachment to your house and see it as an asset that you’d like to sell.
Stand In Their Shoes
In every conceivable way, try to see your home as a buyer might see it, not how you’ve seen
it all these years. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine how and what they might think and
feel on seeing your home for the first time. View your home from across the street –what is
your impression? Go into every room in your home and ask what you can do to make it more
welcoming and inviting. Rearrange your furniture if necessary and paint and accessorize if
needed. Do everything you can possibly do to help the buyer more easily see themselves
as the new owner of your home.